Category: Aging

In a holistic approach to aging, we consider every aspect of our lives–not just the wrinkles on our face that bother us today. Of course, our appearance in the mirror does matter, yet what’s happening inside our body during every passing year or decade of life is the focus of holistic health care.

Anyone who wants to “age gracefully” can give good attention to the mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual aspects of life. We can also create robust longevity (and perhaps reduce our wrinkles) as we take action regarding our nourishment, stress management, physical fitness, and sleep habits. The purpose of this category in my We Are Women At Wellness Blog is to bring all of these aspects into balance. I encourage all of my readers to build a well-rounded, healthy and functional lifestyle.

My name is Georgianne Holland, and I am an American baby-boomer living in Colorado. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, it is my honor to bring to my clientele at Holland Health Coaching a compassionate coach’s perspective about aging with grace and vitality! Our “golden” years can be productive and invigorating if that is our choice. When we face daily challenges within our own bodies, or externally in the larger world, it is important to remember that Everything is Connected. Small steps in a positive direction can add up to effective self-care habits that prolong our lives and add life to your years.