Category: Wellness

wellnessWelcome to the Wellness Category of my blog, We Are Women At Wellness! This blog is followed by women around the world who do have a passion for health care that goes well beyond the primary care model in industrial medicine. We believe that our health and well-being can be built on the foundation of self-care at home…our health is homemade!

If a person focuses on their illness, pain, or medical diagnosis, the very things they wish to eliminate can become all they think about. That is why my work as a holistic health coach always begins with the Focus on the Good protocol. Wellness is not only the absence of illness, but the passion to focus on well-being.

Many women who follow this blog have prioritized a “high level of well-being” within their lifestyle. This means they think not only about the food they eat or the exercise they enjoy, but they also think about every area of their Whole Life, and how they can honor their whole person.

This graphic illustrates the areas within our whole life where wellness can be addressed. I like to call it our Nourishment Menu. Other experts refer to these aspects of lifestyle as the Eight Dimensions or Six Dimensions of Wellness. However we apply habits and actions toward these models, we can become aware of the dynamic connections between each area and how they contribute to healthy living.