Category: Toxic Chemicals

As your holistic health coach, I am passionate about every tool or skill that can add to your self-care habits. Inside of these self-care habits or rituals, I would like to bring to your attention Toxic Chemicals in your home and in our world.

Our daily exposure to toxins, cancer-causing substances, and harmful chemicals has dramatically increased in the past decade. Before we are even born, humans are exposed to hundreds of man-made toxins via our mother’s placenta. Depending upon where one lives and the year of their birth, this proven exposure to environmental toxins has a variable impact on the formation of our bodies, immune systems, lung function and resiliency.

Most of my coaching clients are determined to upgrade the quality of the foods they eat, as they realize the body rebuilds itself using their food as a cellular building block. This desire to understand food helps many Americans accept that mass-produced foods can contain toxic chemicals, and that when consumed year after year, can add to the Endogenous, or internal, toxic load. Self-care at home is an important tool in addressing our toxic world.

I invite you to keep an eye on this category of my We Are Women At Wellness Blog so that you can be supported in your efforts to avoid the consequences of toxins in your daily life.

~Coach Georgianne