Category: Self-Talk

The power of self-talk was one of the earliest lessons I learned as a young woman raising children in Colorado. As I observed the drastic impact that negative self-talk could have on young, developing minds, it became my mission to use the same neural pathways in their precious brains to strengthen their brainwave frequencies and uplift their self esteem.

Many of you have learned about the biological reason for negative thinking. Our ego wants to keep us safe and our brain’s wiring has developed to alert us to any danger in our environment. Even though we may not need to be hyper-alert in this modern age, our amygdala still fires up our emotional life and thus our self-talk.

That’s what happened to the unconscious minds of my little children. Any sort of fearful or limiting message that got their attention was then making them reactive and self-doubting. I knew I could use Positive Thoughts to turn this same human biology into a lifestyle of abundance and self-acceptance.

Keep your eye on this category of my We Are Women At Wellness Blog and learn more about the art and science behind self-talk. I hope to support you in using positive self-talk as a key component in your Self Care Habits at Home! We are never too old to support our minds with kindness.

~Coach Georgianne