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Self-love is a an inside job! The love we receive from others is a wonderful thing, and I encourage the giving and receiving of love on a daily basis. Self-love is a different, and often ignored part of a wellness plan.

Our self-love grows as we appreciate the daily actions we take to be alive. We are given a life by our parents, and then it becomes our responsibility to make that life loving and meaningful. When we support our own physical, psychological and spiritual growth, that fosters our self-love. When we take the time to understand our needs and ask for help or support in fulfilling those needs, we thrive. When we create boundaries in our life and develop our feelings of self worth, that is also a wonderful display of our love.

Being good to oneself is an activity or habit that not every generation has prioritized. As a young baby-boomer, I was raised by parents who would prefer I not focus on myself, and instead focus on others. Now that I have gathered knowledge from a wider range of authority figures and become my own best authority as an adult, I have found that self-love is not a destination–it is a worthy practice for everyone. I offer my support to you in your self love practice today!

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