Category: Activity

Adding more activity to your life may be a struggle. I have great admiration for those who tell me they love to exercise! I am often distracted by the shape and size of the person’s body who is telling me about their exercise habits and passion. Does that ever happen to you?

I also have great admiration for those who tell me that the only time they run is when they are being chased! And frankly, they usually present with a specific kind of body shape and size, too.

My own feelings about exercise change based on the season of the year or fit of my favorite jeans. So I am a Fickle Fan of exercise…and in fact, I’d rather call what I do “Activity”. My prediabetes clients are often sedentary and also feel more comfortable with the word activity over exercise.

As I am not a trained fitness instructor who develops workout routines for others, my role as a holistic health coach is to support you in all the ways you choose to add active habits to your daily lifestyle. This can mean running, but it more likely includes brisk walks with friends, a bike ride with their child or grandchild, and dancing on Saturday night!

Leading an active lifestyle is one of the key tools of robust health, whether you look like a super model or not. Whichever way you describe yourself to me, I’m going to be your admirer and activity accountability partner. You’ve got this!