Category: Self-Care

Self-care is often set aside for other kinds of caring activities…responsibilities like childcare, eldercare, and volunteering come to mind. With health care, we look to the medical community for our body’s well-being. That is different than self-care. The health and wellness of our body, mind, spirit, and attitude is under our individual control. This kind of care is deliberate and self-initiated.

Coach Georgianne Holland teaches her clients that a thriving lifestyle happens at home, not at the doctor’s office. We can all use the daily habits of self-care to avoid illness, heal our bodies, and achieve our goals. The interaction we have with our medical experts is only one small part of our overall success.

Taking responsibility for our health is easier to do when we have social connections and kind support. We can reach out to others and encourage them to practice self-care. We can talk to our family and friends to let them know what kind of support we need to make our Homemade Health lifestyle work.

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