Category: Prediabetes

The diagnosis of Prediabetes can be overwhelming, complicated, and isolating. Prediabetes does not necessarily end up as Type 2 Diabetes, along with the medication, injections, or huge changes forced upon your lifestyle. Coach Georgianne Holland is a kind prediabetes expert and she can help you reverse this chronic illness and avoid Type 2.

You want to understand the facts about diabetes and blood sugar balance. You need to know the difference between insulin and insulin resistance. All those numbers from your last physical…what do they mean? Knowledge is power and Coach Georgianne is here to empower you!

You can focus on the good when it comes to improving your health, instead of focusing on your worry or past efforts. You can succeed using a smart strategy that is sustainable and backed by science! Surround yourself with support as you address your diagnosis, or as you help your entire family face health challenges. Your better health starts here.