Category: Nutrition

Nutrition is now a mainstream topic of conversation at parties and in the carpool line. Consumers are seeking food that is good and good for them. That is, when they’re not in the middle of what is lovingly called a “cheat day”. The psychology of eating is closely related to every nutrition decision made, and we are often manipulated to believe falsehoods about food. What can be done about this?

Holland Health Coaching in Colorado provides thought-provoking blog posts with science from expert sources. Coach Georgianne has been teaching food and nutrition classes to her clients in Colorado for years, and no two people thrive on the same diet or eating plan. That’s right! Nutrition is an individualized science that is in constant flux. We can all find two experts who disagree with one another, and each is basing their recommendations on new science. This health care field is in its infancy.

You can find sound information from Coach Georgianne on many useful topics:

  • Facts on Food Labels
  • Dietary Attitudes
  • Food Preparation Skills
  • Eating Out
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Food Safety
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Food industry
  • Curbing the obesity epidemic in children