Category: Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a habit with great power over our daily life and our longevity. It is also a topic that is easily misunderstood. The American food industry has confused everyone with the misuse of terms like low-fat, high-fiber, and vitamin-enriched on their colorful packaging. Many young people today will never attend a Home Economics class, where they could have learned how to cook healthy food for themselves.

Healthy eating is a category of great importance for Coach Georgianne Holland. As a Food As Medicine coach and Diabetes Educator, she is passionate about providing science-backed information in an easy-to-apply format. No fancy jargon will help anyone feed a family using real, whole food!

Healthy eating can happen when you understand the critical foods for human development. You will find in the We Are Women At Wellness Blog helpful information from Georgianne and other experts, too. And you will be encouraged to follow the kind of non-diet lifestyle that creates health, not deprivation or food boredom. Life is too short for deprivation and boredom. Food is delicious and we all can learn to enjoy healthy eating.