Category: Food

Food can be a complicated part of life–avoid this, eat more of that, and stop eating before you’re full! Are you tired of the many rules and problems associated with eating?

When people are willing to cook or prepare meals at home, feeding oneself can be a simple relationship and source of pleasure and energy. For this person, a healthy meal consists of nourishing foods eaten as nature made them, or prepared by a human (not a machine), from a combination of whole, real foods.

For those who would rather not cook or prepare meals at home, they must be willing to either eat mass-produced items or pay someone else to prepare their meal by hand. To them, cooking sounds complicated, not simple and pleasurable.

Holistic health coaches encourage their clients to cook real food at home. There are fundamental ideas for bringing simplicity and enjoyment to this basic life skill:

  1. Focus on filling your plate with vibrant foods. This will increase the nourishment of each meal.
  2. Trust that Real Food Heals. Processed or refined foods cannot be digested or assimilated by the body. When we provide wholesome real meals as nature provides us, our bodies can avoid illness and thrive.
  3. Practice self-care and crowd out dieting, calorie counting, and body shaming.
  4. Listen to your body and respect it. Instead of forcing yourself to eat the way someone else eats, honor your food life and create meals that feel just right to your precious body.


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