Category: Cooking

Cooking is fun and the results are always amazing! Everyone who eats what you cook is very complimentary. Every time you cook, your body thanks you with vibrant energy!

If I could make these statements true for you on a daily basis, I would! Life is about doing our best each day and enjoying the process, so perfection standards, like the statements above, don’t help us. Even if we wish to improve our cooking experiences, we all have our hits and misses.

Cooking is a life skill and on some days it is fun and on other days, we’d rather leave the cooking to someone else. That’s real life. This category in the We Are Women At Wellness Blog is designed to help inspire your next food preparation session as you build your own recipe file of nourishing foods.

My name is Georgianne Holland and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Diabetes Educator. A large part of my work with families across the country is to share my healthy eating recommendations. I’m certain that many of the people I coach are better cooks than I am! It is great to share recipes back and forth with everyone who visits this blog. We all lead busy lives, yet cooking enjoyable meals continues to be one of the most reliable ways of building our relationships and well-being. I’d love to hear from you about your favorite meal!