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Research shows that work stress, burnout, and diminished empathy are prevalent issues for health-care professionals. What happens when a patient with stress-related health problems visits a stressed medical professional?

People who are always stressed-out have an impaired working memory and their ability to control impulses grows weaker. They also often report an increase in anxiety and depression, both of which are conditions that take place primarily in their brain.” Dr. David Katz, Disease-Proof

My name is Georgianne Holland and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Diabetes Educator. My clients often discover during our work together that chronic stress in their lives–often for years or even decades–is the primary source of their lifestyle-created illness. Their doctors may not have the same tools as a holistic health does. It is my mission to help others to make self-care at home one of their top priorities, and in doing that, address the root cause of their illness. This empowers us all to improve our health.

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