Category: Hormones

Hormone health is a topic of interest at Holland Health Coaching in Colorado. Do you wonder if your hormones are out of balance? Have you reached mid-life without your younger-year zest? There are many aspects to hormone health and we welcome you to We Are Women At Wellness as a resource.

My name is Georgianne Holland and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Diabetes Educator. In these two roles, I often speak with women who are curious about their hormone balance. Does their home environment impact their hormones? Is their rising cholesterol a situation that requires medication? What does it mean that their younger sister is suffering from adrenal burnout?

Questions like these are talked about in this community of women seeking wellness. It is my honor to provide my readers with accurate, science-backed information about the self-care habits we can use to balance our hormones at home. My role is not to replace anyone’s doctor’s advice, but to help them follow their doctor’s orders as they take action at home! We have so much power in our daily life, and when we understand how to empower our self-care, our well-being blossoms.