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The We Are Women At Wellness blog by Coach Georgianne Holland is a Holistic Health resource followed by women who are seeking wellness. Whether they suffer from a chronic illness like Prediabetes, or want to make self-care habit changes at home, these women find empowerment in holistic health blog posts.

Coach Georgianne is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Diabetes Educator. She is passionate about helping people use self-care at home as a primary form of healthcare. Upgrading their food life, adding enjoyable exercise to their day, getting good rest are areas of interest for many of her readers.

This blog is educational and encouraging to women around the country. Coach Georgianne provides advice from science-backed studies, and she also shares information from her Food as Medicine expertise and the Mind-Body Medicine discipline. In addition to the latest research findings, experts from a wide range of complimentary medicine fields are interviewed and referenced in this popular blog.

If you are seeking a friendly resource of health and wellness information, We Are Women At Wellness is here for you today!

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