Category: Health

Health is a resource of great value. Coach Georgianne Holland shares expert information and resources in her We Are Women At Wellness blog. She teaches women around the country to embrace their personal power to change their self-care habits at home and re-create a healthy body.

When the health of any one woman improves, so does the health of countless others. ~ Georgianne Holland

Coaching women from her Colorado-based practice, Georgianne has helped hundreds of women who know that seeking wellness will also improve the lives of everyone they love!

The topics covered in this category of the blog explore the latest science in the field of healthcare and wellness habits. You can find science-backed information and encouragement about:

  • Food and Nourishment
  • Exercise and Active Living
  • Stress and Sound Sleep
  • Mindfulness
  • Creating Good Habits
  • Prediabetes Solutions
  • Home Cooking as Self-Care
  • Chronic Illness Solutions
  • Weight Management

All of these topics are covered by Georgianne with the goal of helping her readers apply Holistic Health principals to their daily life.

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