Category: Weight Loss

Weight loss and dieting…these may seem like the same thing to you. I know that I have long associated dieting with weight loss. After I completed my training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I accepted that the word “dieting” has caused many people to gain weight…not lose it. I had to reframe my own thinking about body size and nourishment.

This category in my We Are Women At Wellness Blog has been designed as a resource for those who do want to rethink their eating habits and right-size their body. I’m hoping to not associate the terms “skinny” or “small” to human value or success stories. I will never judge or shame people (including myself in the mirror) who have gained weight. I believe that you and I both know that everyone is valuable and that no one’s pants size has anything to do with that.

I encourage all of my clients to drop the idea of food regulation or calorie restriction as a form of self-care. My prediabetes clients often need to drop 5-10% of their body weight to resolve the way their body uses insulin as they manage their blood sugar. So I do know how to help people lose weight. What I will never do is help people damage their body through “yo-yo” dieting or the dangerous illusions of the fake food industry.

I invite you to follow along with all of my blog readers as we support one another in our desire to feel confident in our bodies and nourished in all areas of life…not just at the kitchen table.