Category: Transformation

People seeking wellness are finding many resources in 2018 as empowered consumers of health information. The path to wellness often begins with a chronic illness and then uses a lifestyle transformation to create wellness.

The purpose of this category in my We Are Women At Wellness Blog is to support my beloved readers and clients through all the stages of health habit changes.

I will provide expert resources, including my own professional experiences, on the topics of individual self-care, inspiration for family and friends who are also seeking transformation, and how holistic health practices can help us all reach transformational goals.

Research supports the role of health coaching in times of health and wellness transformation, especially in the context of mindfulness and self-regulation. My clients experiment during coaching sessions with deep breathing, mindful eating habits, self-care routines at home, and accountability partners. These same clients report that they are better able to create lasting change in their own lives using these coaching skills.