Category: Goals

There is no one right time to press the “reset button” on our goals. There is no magic to the “New Year – New You” message we’ve all grown weary of! Those who are successful at setting goals and following through on those plans are the kind of people who address goal work 365 days a year. Is that you?

There are various factors to take into account when you are in the process of defining and setting your own goals. This category in the We Are Women At Wellness Blog if a friendly place to receive goal success support.

We each have our own way of thinking about what we’d like to accomplish and the steps needed to cross the finish line. Some like to call their ambitions Dreams, as in “I have Big Dreams!” Others think about their future in terms of deep desires or visions for a better lifestyle. However you contemplate your next week/month/year/decade of living, the team at Holland Health Coaching is here to support you.