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Health Nuts and Self-Care

Many health conscious women used to be called health nuts. When I was in high school in Denver, Colorado in the mid-1970s, I was considered a health nut. Do you remember how unusual it was then to choose to run around the school track or bake your own whole wheat bread? After I surprised my […]

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The 50 Shades of Sugar

Are you a slave to sugar? It seems that many people feel powerless when sweet treats are in arm’s reach, including me! Sugar consumption in America has steadily risen over the past 30 years and we currently consume almost 1/2 cup a day per person! Much of this consumption is due to added sugar found in […]

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primary food

Primary Food is Key to Thriving

Primary food is different from the food we eat. Sometimes we are fed not by food, but by the energy in our day-to-day life. Let’s talk about food not in scientific terms, but in general terms, and let’s refer to what we eat as Secondary Food. Secondary foods that are right for our body are […]

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Prepackaged Health Food

If health food is on your priority list, and your to-do list is so very long that you’ve run out of time to cook health food, you are in good company! A recent news report in Colorado informed me about a company in my neighborhood that prepares for busy folks prepackaged health food meals, and […]

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