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The Rise of the Health Coach

Are you curious about the help you can receive from a health coach? The health care industry is making room for the educational and motivational skills of the health coach, and both the patient and her doctor are winners in this deal. I want to share what I learned in an article in Men’s Journal by […]

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Self-Care in times of Stress

Self-care is the new primary care, and during times of great stress, self-care safeguards the foundation of health. Every woman knows that self-care behaviors can easily be ignored when stress triggers things like food cravings, insomnia, shallow breathing, social isolation, and adrenaline rushes. We also know that the best primary-care doctors and nurses cannot keep us healthy […]

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The 50 Shades of Sugar

Are you a slave to sugar? It seems that many people feel powerless when sweet treats are in arm’s reach, including me! Sugar consumption in America has steadily risen over the past 30 years and we currently consume almost 1/2 cup a day per person! Much of this consumption is due to added sugar found in […]

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Powerful Results of Good Habits

Your habits seem to be everyone’s concern in January. If you are thinking about your habits or the resolution list of someone you love, here’s some health coaching support. Some people just don’t like being pushed around. It seems that most of us feel that way.  Did you ever consider that when we live our […]

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primary food

Primary Food is Key to Thriving

Primary food is different from the food we eat. Sometimes we are fed not by food, but by the energy in our day-to-day life. Let’s talk about food not in scientific terms, but in general terms, and let’s refer to what we eat as Secondary Food. Secondary foods that are right for our body are […]

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