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Knowing your blood levels are an important step in addressing your prediabetes or high blood sugar. Are your levels too high or on track? The blood sugar levels chart below provides a quick reference for understanding your numbers.

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a chart of blood sugar levels discussing prediabetes and high blood sugar levels.

Know The Numbers Blood Sugar Levels Chart

Knowledge is Power

Below are accepted ranges for blood sugar levels as outlined by the American Diabetes Association. Use it as a guide when you record your results. Monitoring your levels regularly both at home and with your health care provider are key steps to staying healthy.

This chart is also part of the Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Workbook. Designed to empower you on how to take control of your prediabetes, the Solution StarterTM Workbook goes into greater detail on how to put your knowledge into action.

A1C Test

(drawn at a lab)

This test measures your average blood sugar level for the past 3-4 months by assessing the percentage of glucose attached to your hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein molecules in your red blood cells). This test is used for people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and it is usually performed 2-4 times per year as a guide to successfully monitor the disease.

6.5% or higher on two separate testsIndicates Diabetes
5.7—6.4%Indicates Prediabetes
5.6% or lowerConsidered Normal

Fasting Blood Sugar Test

(drawn at a lab after fasting overnight)

126 mg/dL or higher on two separate testsIndicates Diabetes
100125 mg/dLIndicates Prediabetes
Less that 100 (70—80 is ideal)Considered Normal

Random Blood Sugar Test

(drawn at a lab without regard to when you last ate)

200 mg/dL or higherIndicates Diabetes

Finger Stick Blood Sugar Tests

(drawn at home with a glucose monitor, as needed)

ADA Goals:

80130 mg/dLBefore a meal
140—180 mg/dL1 hour after a meal
120—140 mg/dL2 hours after a meal

It’s important to know your glucose levels:

Test them and track them!

Insurance Documentation: To receive full reimbursement from insurance companies, doctors may be required to fully document the blood sugar levels of their patients with diabetes. Make sure you take the time to develop a strong relationship with your doctor and understand how these metrics are being used to measure your success.

a chart of blood sugar levels discussing prediabetes and high blood sugar levels.

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