Support the
Feeding America Network

When you invest in yourself by enrolling in any Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Program, you also support Feeding America.

The Feeding America network is our nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. 

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Support food-security in more American communities

The food industry in America, along with consumers and industry, discard billions of pounds of food each year. At the same time, millions of children and adults do not get the meals they need to thrive. That is why I support the Feeding America network as a holistic health coach and educator. I believe that all people deserve a path to a brighter, “focus on the good,” food-secure future.

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The Feeding America network includes 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. When you purchase products and programs from Holland Health Coaching, you are helping a nationwide network of food banks deliver relief at the front lines of hunger.

Through school-based food pantries, emergency disaster relief, and food banks scattered throughout the U.S., you are helping others on the path to a healthy food life.

Everyone at Holland Health Coaching and the entire Holland family in Colorado thanks you for your generous sharing and support.

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Food Insecurity

Feeding America’s 200 member food banks have adapted to the risk of virus transmission while meeting the increased need for food support across the U.S. Every volunteer and food bank employee follows the Safety Requirements of their local government. The nationwide network serves over 40 million people each year.

Learn more about the food insecurity response:

Holland Health Coaching logo paired with a 5% sign to show the contribution made to the Feeding American Network.

The need for food bank donations is at an all-time high in 2021.

We have recommitted to donating 5% of our 2021 profits to Feeding America nationwide in this greater time of need.

Please join the Holland Health Coaching team in being a part of this commitment to upgrade the American food life by every possible means.

If you would like to add to your support of Feeding America by making a direct contribution, I encourage you to Follow this Link and learn more about their tremendous work.

With a grateful heart,
Coach Georgianne Holland

Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland.

Coach Georgianne Holland

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