Meet Your Holistic Health Coach

Hello! My name is Georgianne.

I’m the ideal holistic health coach for women ready to embrace and rebuild their Homemade Health.

I’ve combined my years as a Certified Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach to create classes, health coaching programs and science-backed materials that are easy-to-use and guide people in overcoming a high blood sugar or prediabetes diagnosis.

I started Holland Health Coaching in 2014 to help others create healthy living habits that are Proven to be Effective and Easy to Sustain. Having taught the lifestyle program authorized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to address blood sugar issues, I found people also needed the added support of a compassionate coach. I combined my certifications to bring you the programs, books and coaching I offer today.

My work focuses on giving clients the information, strategies and encouragement needed to make more empowered choices for improved health. Since the opportunities to make these choices most often happen in our homes and daily habits, I help clients find change through creating Homemade Health.

Keep reading to learn more about my approach to holistic health coaching and prediabetes education. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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Georgianne Holland

Educating and motivating for health

My holistic health coach skills are a family legacy. Born and raised in Colorado to a family of educators, I found wellness to be the area in which I wanted to help others.

Every time I create new health resources, I’m driven by a personal experience of the health problem. But it hasn’t always been my health that was in trouble. It has mostly been for the benefit of someone I love. Does that sound like you, too?

Most importantly, I saw that having information about a health issue alone wasn’t enough. People need more than just the knowledge that they should change habits that can cause illness. Knowing how to create that change and getting the support to do it was equally important.


Helping bring the solution home

I also found educating people through online health coaching helps them find improved health at home – no matter where they live.

You see, many of my clients do not have access to a holistic health coach in their community and they’re looking for a kind educator.

Lots of us do not have a doctor trained in nutrition or habit change methods. So when a medical provider tells us we have high blood sugar or need to balance our blood sugar, we have to figure out 99% of the solution on our own.

I help people create the changes needed for improved health at home – no matter where they live.

And since so many of the opportunities to create better health exist in our kitchens and daily habits, starting at home is the ideal place to get to work!

Self-care that supports your medical team’s guidance

I am not a replacement for your doctor. I help you work with your medical team’s guidance for your greater good health.

Yet this is my truth…I believe that self-care practices at home can solve many of the chronic illnesses faced by us, our families, and neighbors. I’ve seen this in my body, my family, and with my coaching clients. And research backs up this professional observation…self-care skills and habits at home are crucial. When important skills are missing, instead of feeling frustrated, it’s time to take action!

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From ‘Now what?’ to empowered action

Once they get a diagnosis of high blood sugar or prediabetes, many people ask, “Now what?” Wanting to fill this gap between diagnosis and renewed health, I created the Starter SolutionTM Program.

I educate, empower and encourage those who need to get their health back on track. Prediabetes reversal and helping women prevent Type 2 Diabetes is my specialty. My goal is to do this with warmth and a sense of humor, never by preaching or acting judgmental.

Tools like the Plate Planning worksheet are a colorful place to start. Sustainable self-care habits are built one step at a time: Steps like one decision, one meal, one walk with a friend…

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Here for you

If you’re ready for a holistic health coach partner in wellness, I would love to help you take the first step.

Taking a walk with a friend is a holistic health in action! In addition to encouragement for being more active, maybe you’d like specific, science-backed help you can use at home first? I have a lot of resources to help you do that.

Pages from the Crash Course on Carbs booklet that explains how carbohydrates work in the body and affects blood sugar levels.

Resources to get you started

“My life continues to get better and better! Thanks so much, Georgianne. I am forever grateful.”

– Wendy C. via Google Reviews

It’s been my joy to prepare to be your expert Holistic Health Coach

Here’s my background and what I offer to you today:

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC – Institute of Integrative Nutrition, IIN
  • Certified Diabetes Educator, CDE – Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, ADCES
  • Member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators
  • A Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • Member of the American Holistic Health Association
  • Food-as-Medicine Coach
  • Holland Health Coaching Owner (Private Practice)
  • We are Women at Wellness Online Community; Founder
  • Mind-Body-Medicine Practitioner
  • Nestle And Soar Press; Publisher
  • Author of the Solution StarterTM for Prediabetes Workbook and the Food & Activity Journal
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We support Feeding America

The team at Holland Health Coaching supports the Feeding America network! When you enroll in the Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Program, 5% of every fee is donated in your honor.

Thank you for your continued support!

Find out more about Feeding America.

Interested in learning more?

Have a look around my site to learn more about Holland Health Coaching. Or, feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions!

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Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland.

Coach Georgianne Holland

Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC
Certified Diabetes Educator, CDE
Member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators
Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Member of the American Holistic Health Association
Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner
Creator of the Solution StarterTM Program for Prediabetes and the Homemade Health E-Newsletter.

Holland Health Coaching is located in Colorado. We welcome everyone to join us in our wellness practice. Please enjoy the free resources and expert tools you’ll find on our website.

Coach Georgianne does not replace your doctor; she helps you work with your medical team for your greater good health.