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Solution Starter for Prediabetes

Diagnosed with Prediabetes?
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Health challenges like Prediabetes are part of your life today.

You wanted to keep this high blood sugar problem private. Now that your doctor knows, it seems like everyone has an opinion.

georgianne hollandHealth challenges like High Blood Sugar and Prediabetes are exhausting. You’ve already tried to solve this problem on your own and felt defeated. First of all, it would be great to solve this so everyone will get off your case. And of course, more sleep would help.

It feels like you need a solution that goes beyond the pamphlets from your doctor’s office. Is that really all mainstream healthcare has to offer when we’re diagnosed with prediabetes? Disappointing indeed.

And then…up pops the topic of self-care. Yep. My clients have fallen short, or so they try to convince me. Our self-care habits often take a back seat to our care-taking responsibilities for others. We know this. We want to stop feeling guilty about everything…feelings of guilt about our food, body, pants size, and our desire (need) for naps.

And no one wants to go on another medication.

Because there’s no time to waste, it’s important to team up with a proven partner who can support you during this health challenge. Please don’t worry when that diagnosis is given to you! You’re actually quite lucky, you know. Millions and millions of women will go to sleep tonight without any clue they need to have their blood sugar tested. You knew, and now you know, and these health conditions need your attention. You’re ready for a fresh approach that helps you lose a little weight and feel more energy. You want strategies that do not include a lifestyle of deprivation.

I have created a comprehensive online education program called Solution Starter for Prediabetes. It’s ready for you now, and in the privacy of your own home, you’ll get all the support you need to be ready for next year’s check-up–and perhaps show off some great results. And you’ll get a lot more out of our work together than bragging rights. Much more!

Here are your next steps…

There are Three Solution Starter Options for you to choose from. You’ll know what’s best for you. Click the link below and make YOUR CHOICE TODAY.

Still feeling curious? Here’s a FREE SAMPLE for you! Take a look and see if it feels like the friendly, health-building support you need now. Delivered to your email inbox in under five minutes it includes resources to print out and use (or share). I know you love to share!

health challenges like prediaabetes

Many people with Prediabetes dismiss the glycemic index and think that to regain their health, they just have to cut back on added sugar in their daily food life. That’s not true! The sugar you add to your food does matter AND you also need to know which foods naturally contain carbohydrates…the carbs that rate as high on the glycemic index.

Over 90% of the carbs we eat show up in our bloodstream as blood glucose, many of them within minutes of eating! That’s why it’s a book you can’t put down — or stop talking about. Designed at Nestle and Soar Press in Colorado, it’ll help you understand carbs, count carbs, and make friends with carbs! Carbs aren’t the villain…and life’s too short to worry one more minute about enjoying your food. Understand carbs, protein, and fat to create health!

high blood sugar

It’s time for you to use proven strategies and tools to break free from health challenges. Above all, you can get back on the path to a healthy lifestyle and a body nourished by self-care. Here’s to more sleep and less worry for everyone!

Watch Georgianne’s 1-minute video and receive a Prediabetes Workbook Preview!

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Holland Health Coaching specializes in support for those suffering from Prediabetes.

health challenges like prediabetes program

This unique, online education program represents a new era in self-care management. Because of this, it is a much more effective way to fight back against Prediabetes. On your terms. On your schedule. From your own home.

The Solution Starter program is educational, interactive, and even FUN! Plus, it’s been scientifically proven to get results in reversing Prediabetes. As a Certified Diabetes Educator, Georgianne is fully trained and experienced in teaching the lifestyle program authorized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control–a program proven to cut the risk of moving from Prediabetes to Type 2 Diabetes by a whopping 58%.

Solution Starter also fuels your dramatic progress toward losing weight, increasing fitness, building confidence and improving your health.


The Solution Starter program is available for a fee and includes 12 months of benefits including:

health challenges like prediabetes program

Don’t let Prediabetes define you. Discover the solutions you need to address your health concerns, starting right now! Click here for full details about the Solution Starter program from Holland Health Coaching.

Your solution starts here!

health challenges like prediabetes success

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